God’s Gift to the Broken Ones: Isaiah 61

God’s Gift to the Broken Ones: Isaiah 61.

Altough I am struggling with God and my life, I read the words given through Broken Belivers quite often. Sometimes, they reach me at least for my most inner part, making me think „oh this is written for ME“.

The number of people that are able to relate my depression and suicidal toughts to my real life are rare. Why should someone like me, in a official, good position, with a loving family and no debts should have depressions?

Thanks to God, people like Pastor Bryan Lowe and others (such as P.) are here to act as a lighthouse, sometimes visible through my fog, sometimes not. But I know they are there; some of them understanding that depression and suicide are things that can happen; I know they pray for people like me. THANKS

~ von Waltkaye - 1. März 2012.

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