Hello world!

„Hello World“

a sentence so boring today… and still of interest today as well. every software developer knows how to write it in his language.

My language is, among other, German. So some articels here will be in german, and some others in english or C++ or … NO: that was a joke 🙂


Why do I consider writing something about me? well, it might be exhibitionísm, but in reality it is a way giving my thoughts am feelings a form and a location. If you do not like it, just go to another location. if you like it, provide me with feedback.

My thouhgs and feelings? Well, I hope to write about insights in my profession (IT, teaching); but more than this, I want to publish some poems and speak about depression, with which I fight.

that´s for now.

~ von Waltkaye - 23. Mai 2009.

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